Enhancing a New Deck


When any homeowner builds a new deck, they may have had various plans in mind to enhance the deck, including permanent seating, outdoor furniture wind screens and sun shading. What happens once the deck is complete is that the homeowner is confronted with a brand new paradigm. It is almost certain that when planning their new deck their thinking was influenced by the existing ground under the deck, and it is not until the new deck is completely finished that they can get a much better picture of the potential.

The first thing that strikes the homeowner deck builder even when the deck is only partially complete is the true reality of the extent of the new usable space. Decks have multiple purposes, and while they are obviously primarily to create usable outdoor space, they also in almost all cases cover up unsightly waste ground that is otherwise unusable. It takes a nearly completed deck for the true extent of this to be apparent to the homeowner deck builder.

The first thing that will happen is that the homeowner and their family will want to use even the partially completed deck, and at this stage they will learn very quickly how the deck is situated in relation to the sun and the wind and how they would like to use it. It quickly becomes a favourite past time when sitting out and enjoying the new deck for the family to toss ideas around for improvements. The homeowner handyman at this stage is feeling pretty confident about their building ability, and so they are not at all intimidated by any plans that emerged during this phase.

Deck building is generally done during fine weather, and so the homeowner and family will get to use the deck in fine weather and realise it’s true potential. They will also realise that the sorts of improvements they might carry out are not at all expensive, and so this loosens up their creative juices.

The process is of course helped a lot by the natural enthusiasm of the homeowner deck builder to further enhance their beautiful deck, and assuming that they have used modern tools such as an impact driver they will be pretty keen to implement any good ideas that come out. Typically ideas will include shading methods, and in a generally windy environment such as the Wellington region a sun umbrella is definitely only practical for a small percentage of the time. One early discovery will be that it costs very little to erect a shade sail that can handle the wind, and the builder will be able to add the strong support posts required for this.

Another possibility will be a permanent wind screen, and while a trellis with small air gaps is ideal for this strong supporting posts will be needed.